The Right Strategy

So we decided to shed some light on some of the strategies that may help you win big.

At VegasFiesta, we ensure our players that our software utilises completely random probability distribution in our commitment to offer our customers with a fair game experience. Together with our partners who supply the gaming platform for our site, we have taken the necessary steps in order to ensure total objectivity. Having said, if you are new to this, there are ways to play that will maximise your winnings.

With this in mind all of the playing strategies we will be introducing you to will be based on the gaming suites supplied by these major companies, which are Playtech, Microgaming, IGT Interactive and NetEnt.

Playing Casino Games Perfectly

Below you will find a wealth of information and an overview on all of the different categories of casino games in our casino game playing strategy guides, feel free to follow the links below for direct access to the games page.

Blackjack Playing Strategy – We have a rich selection of Blackjack games, as you will know there are a huge number of different Blackjack games available to play online and each one of these games has it s own singularities. Our games are the best one can find online and allow you to play multi hand- for those more experienced players. Black Jack strategies vary and depend on your risk tolerance and your available cash on hand. As thrilling as it gets, there are cold blooded strategies that you should learn and practice,

Your Hand VS Dealer’s Upcard
8 Double on 5 to 6. Otherwise hit.
9 Double on 2 to 6. Otherwise hit.
10 Double on 2 to 9. Otherwise hit.
11 Always double.
12 Stand on 4 to 6. Otherwise hit.
13 to 16 Stand on 2 to 6. Otherwise hit.
17 to 21 Always stand.
A,2 to A,5 Double on 4 to 6. Otherwise hit.
A,6 Double on 2 to 6. Otherwise hit.
A,7 Double on 3 to 6. Stand on 2,7,8 or A. Hit on 9 or 10.
A,8 Double on 6. Otherwise stand.
A,9 Always stand.
A,A Always split.
2,2 Split on 3 to 7. Otherwise hit.
3,3 Split on 4 to 7. Otherwise hit.
4,4 Same as 8 above.
5,5 Same as 10 above.
6,6 Split on 2 to 6. Otherwise hit.
7,7 Split on 2 to 7. Stand on 10. Otherwise hit.
8,8 Always split.
9,9 Split on 2 to 9 except 7. Stand on 7,10 or A.
10,10 Always stand.


Slot Game Playing Strategy – If you enjoy playing slot games online, but never seem to succeed in having a winning session, then you need to ask yourself just what it is that attracts you to playing the slot machines you usually get stuck into playing.

All slot game designers attach to their slot machines a different and unique type of theme plus many of the modern slots are designed around a video slot format and as such, they often come with a whole host of bonus features and bonus games, and it may be this that attracts you to play those slots.

However, irrespective of just how good the theme is, or the bonus games and features a slot game offers, the only way you are going to continually get the best winning opportunities when playing any slot is to play only those which boast the highest payout percentages.

If you just start playing any slot game, without careful consideration on the actual long term payout percentages then you could end up playing a slot with poor paybacks, which could be why you never seem to win!

Roulette Playing Strategy – When you are looking to improve your winning chances when you are playing casino games such as Roulette, you need to be aware that Roulette systems and usually a waste of time and can be very costly to follow when the wheel is not spinning your way. However there are a few steps which you can follow all of which are listed in our Roulette Playing Strategy section of the website, that will ensure you do not end up playing the worst paying variant of the game!

Video Poker Strategy –For some casino game players the game of Video Poker is not really the action packed type of game that appeals to them, and it will take a lot to sway a slot game player for example to start playing the many different types of Video Poker games that are available online.

However, once you understand just how Video Poker games work and operate, and discover that they offer payout percentages way higher than most other casino games, then a savvy player can find these games not only offer quite enjoyable playing sessions, but also can reward you with some huge winning payouts.

In this Video Poker Strategy guide we are going to present to you a range of different variants of the game and highlight those games which by virtue of the pay tables attached to them, offer you the best chances of winning.






Using Bonuses to Increase Your Winning Chances

The one aspect of choosing to play at any online casino site that you are always going to come across is casino bonuses, there are a huge number of different types of bonuses that will be offered to you at all casinos, and these are of course offered in an attempt to get you to sign up and start to play at that respective online casino site.

It is of course worth noting that online casinos are not charities, and as such these bonus on offer are going to be structured in such a way that you are going to be tied into play through requirements, which if you have never come across a casino bonus offer before means you will not be allowed to cash out any winnings made with such a bonus until you have churned and played the bonus and often the deposit you made to qualify for that bonus dozens of times.

You really will need to study the small print and the terms and conditions of any casino bonus you like the look of, for not all of them are as generous as they first appear once you have studied and understand the play through requirements.

Also be aware many bonuses these days will come with a maximum cash out rule, which means you can only ever win and cash out a certain amount, and this is a killer for anyone who has had a successful gaming session, for even though that player may have won thousands these sneaky little rules means you can only cash out a small percentage of your winnings!

The savviest of online casino players will never take a casino bonus, but will instead stick to a rigid playing strategy whereby they only play the best paying casino games by virtue of the house edges and payout percentages of those games, whilst at the same time playing the casino game with optimal strategy.

Practice Makes Perfect

We allow you to play any of our casino games, usually with the exception of the progressive games via a free play mode.

Should you want to put any casino game playing strategy to the test, but without risk, then this is the best way to get in lots of practice, for by playing for free you can get hours of experience under your belt in regards to the game you are playing, and when you are good and ready you can then switch over to playing that game or games for real money.

Also by playing for free you can master the intricacies of not only playing casino games but get a good understanding for how the software platforms all work and operate.


How to deposit?

When we play, one of the question that arises is: ‘How much do I deposit ?’
The answer to this question in its simplest form is like in each leisure, within my means. For some it will be € 1000, € 100 for others. It goes without saying that the deposit strategy is a key determinant of your success. Experienced players know this and depending on their favourite luck game, will adjust the amount and regularity of their deposits. Even in games of chance, it is important to know how to maximising your probabilities of making money. To avoid the wrong deposit strategy, we must clarify several points.

The amount of your deposit will depend on several criteria. First, you must consider the maximum amount that is reasonable for you to bet during your game session. This sum is not necessarily the amount you have played, but it will give you an idea. Next, be aware that your deposit, the amount, will generate bonuses or cash backs. These allow you to lengthen the duration of your gaming session and increase your chances of winning.

And yes, a small dose of luck and strategy will earn you big.

Of course, everyone wants to win. Losing happens, however this should not discourage you, as many of our players enjoy great winnings, especially those who follow my advice.

By now, admitting that your budget is 100EUR per week, must you deposit in increments of 4×25, 2×50 or 1×100?

There is no absolute technique, it still depends on several criteria: whether or not you plan to take on a promotion and therefore be limited with wagering requirements, whether you play slot machines or roulette video poker and blackjack, or take a cash bak, which I strongly recommend you personally

In case you are a slot machine player we will advise you to take a cash back in order not to be tied to bonus terms and conditions unless you want to boost your balance. However, in mz experience it is counterproductive to take a  bonus promotion from a deposit of 150 Eur and above, cash back is  best.

Especially if you play  to win and not for fun, you need to deposit larger amounts to have more chances on your side. When you deposit small amounts of 25EUR, your probability of winning is less than that of players who deposit large amounts. In other words, small deposits finance the larger players. t

The important point is that the real winner stars in control of  his deposits  and not the reverse, and especially understands that promotions can be in some cases, very interesting, it will depend on amount of deposits, your budget, and especially your motivation, play, win or play and win! Regardless, it is necessary that it remains a pleasure.