Player: All users of the software, games and promotions offered by the casino VegasFiesta™, active or not.
Casino: Casino VegasFiesta™, including all software, content and services on www.vegasfiesta.com, associate and affiliate URL pages.
Software: The software of the Company, available for download or without download and via the Internet or an alternative platform (Software “), allows you to use our gambling services. We reserve the right to: suspend, modify, remove or add elements to services and software in our sole discretion with immediate effect and without notice. The Company is not liable for any loss suffered by you after any changes made and you have no right to claim against the company in this regard.
Services: Services, support, promotions and assistance offered by the casino and its employees to its users.
Credits: Amount of money on the account balance of the user; Amount of chips / money available to use. 1 Credit = € 1, £ 1, $ 1 1AUD, 10ZAR (approximately).
We: The operators of the Casino Website and / or its affiliates.
Real Player: A player who has transferred a sum of real money on its VegasFiesta™ account.
Wagering: The number of times that a sum of money must be wagered, staked or bet before qualifying for withdrawal.
Discharge: Play at the casino, whether fictional or real mode, constitutes an agreement between the player and the casino that the player will be bound by the following terms and conditions contained herein. By entering, opening an account and / or playing on www.vegasfiesta.com the player accepts it:

  1. Read and understood the terms and conditions below;
  2. Fully accepted the terms and conditions and undertakes to respect in all relationships with the Casino and / or the casino software.

If any one provision is deemed null, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms and conditions will remain in effect. The above terms and conditions cancel and replace all other conditions.

  • General Terms and Conditions

    1. Play on the casino VegasFiesta™ is limited to adults over the age of twenty-five. Age restrictions may vary from country to country and it is the responsibility of the player to verify the minimum age in his/her country. The casino reserves the right to require the verification of the age of the player at any time.
    a) The player accepts that the casino can change, add or subtract terms and conditions at any time without notice, and it is the player’s responsibility to periodically check the written conditions regarding changes that may affect them. Lack of knowledge of those terms and conditions do not constitute a valid reason for any violation of the rules and conditions set here.
    b) All decisions made by the casino VegasFiesta™ are final and will meet the terms and conditions set forth in this document. By registering with the VegasFiesta™ casino, the player agrees to accept all the decisions made by the Casino as final.
    c) The VegasFiesta™ casino will bear no liability, either directly or indirectly, in terms of the player’s right to play at an online casino with real money. This includes all employees, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents or retailers claim to having or claiming to have permission to make any representations or warranties. It is the sole responsibility of the player to check the local laws and comply responsibly. The VegasFiesta™ casino will bear no responsibility for any violation of law committed by the player.
    d) Games, services or promotions offered by the casino are purely for entertainment purposes, and not as a financial instrument. There is an option to play with fictitious credits having no equivalence with real money. Playing with real money is the sole decision of the player, and in doing so, the player fully accepts the risks by playing real credits.
    e) Taxes, fees, transfer fees or other financial responsibilities or consequences related to the use of games and / or services offered by the Casino are the responsibility of the player and single player.
    f) The player will not hold the casino VegasFiesta™ or any agency, employee, partner or media outlet related to the VegasFiesta™ casino liable for damages, costs, expenses or liabilities incurred by the use and / or acceptance of the services or for any Casino player activity related to VegasFiesta™ casino.
    g) The VegasFiesta™ casino assumes no liability for technical errors in the software related to the player’s Internet connection, personal computer software or hardware of the personal computer. Internet Service interruptions are the player’s responsibility and VegasFiesta™ will not compensate nor bear any responsibility for interruptions caused by a technical problem on the side of the player, including but not limited to Internet disconnections. Other technical defects must be submitted in writing and include a screenshot so that the casino can verify its authenticity.
    h) The player accepts that the identity recorded on the casino account will be the only person who logs on to that account and uses and/or plays with the software or VegasFiesta™ website. Any violation of this clause (i.e. the use of the account by another person) will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions and therefore as grounds for account termination and forfeiture of all gains. The account is not transferable in any way and the user name cannot be changed for the account. New users must open a new account or will be considered as violating the terms and conditions.
    i) The Casino reserves the right to modify, add or subtract games and / or services it offers at any time without notice or earlier update. The terms and conditions can be changed and the player accepts this as part of the site to the prerogative when and if necessary.
    j) The player further agrees to indemnify incontestably the VegasFiesta™ casino, its employees, officers, directors and any associate or persons or organizations against all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages arising from any legal or other action taken by or against the Players of any action on the Casino and / or any of its employees, officers, directors and any person or organization associated or affiliated. This event should include (without limitation) the legal consequences that may arise as a result of the criminalization of online betting/gambling in the jurisdiction of the country or territory in which the player is based.
    k) Player agrees that any outcome of games presented by the Casino software or website to be true. Any dispute regarding the outcome of games played will be decided by the results from the game server, and these will determine the final decision of VegasFiesta™ casino. If for some reason the player is not totally satisfied with the terms and conditions herein, then the player has the right to stop playing and remove the computer software. In addition, if a player is not satisfied with his personal gaming experience on VegasFiesta™ and wishes to close his account, he/she will be responsible for closing or manually freezing the account from the Casino software and the removal of any software associated with the casino via their computer or mobile devices. The legal age restrictions and strict membership rules relating to age, as agreed by the jurisdiction of the said territories to comply with the said law of that territory are fully implemented by the VegasFiesta™ casino. It is clear that no player under 25 is allowed to play in the casino without distinction of gender.
    l) In case of a complaint, a claim or a technical dispute over the Casino, the complaint must be submitted in writing within five (5) working days following the event. If the complaint is received after that time, the casino reserves the right not to address the issue. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, for example, a player finds himself unable or unavailable to answer, the questions will be addressed on an individual basis, but the management reserves the right to invoke the five (5) days of the above rule.
    m) Any remaining funds in the account balance at the time of the closure cannot be removed. This also includes requests pending withdrawals.
    n) We reserve the right to verify the registration details such as name, address, and age and payment methods used at any time, by requesting specific documents. These documents usually include an identity card, proof of address such as a utility bill, and proof of your payment method, and can be loaded via the Cashier. If necessary, we may request that copies of such documents be certified, which means that documents must be stamped and certified by a notary of the country of residence of the player. If the member does not respond to our requests for documents, the casino may, at its sole discretion, terminate the account and keep the remaining funds. If the documents do not pass our internal security controls: for example, if we suspect that they have been tampered with or are, in any way, provided so as to mislead or make a false statement, we will not be subjected to the obligation to accept the documents as valid, nor any obligation to provide comments on the exact nature of our findings about these documents.

    o) We reserve the right to verify the antecedents of any member, regardless of the reason, including, without limitation, any verification of the identity of a member, any credit check performed on the member or background check of the registered player. The basis of such checks will depend on a case by case but may include, without limitation, verification of the member’s registration details, such as name, address and age verification of financial transactions and checking of the player’s past gaming activity. The casino has no duty to warn the member that such verification is in progress. These activities may include the use of specific third party companies that perform the required checks. The casino may, in its sole discretion, terminate the account of a member and retain all available funds into the account, on the basis that such verification provides a negative or questionable conclusion.

    2. The following actions by the player will be considered violations of the terms and conditions of the VegasFiesta™ casino, (but violations are not limited to this list). The consequences may include the termination of the player’s casino account, confiscation of winnings and existing balances, denial of services, promotions and other offers by the casino.
    More than one account on the casino VegasFiesta™ and / or more than one account per household and / or more than one account per device, and / or more than one affiliate account operating on the Rival platform.
    If at any time the casino discovers a link or a connection to a fraudulent account suspended, refunded or previously closed at any casino on the Rival network or any other online casino.
    If at any time the casino discovers a complaint / dispute / litigation / criticism active or past on a public forum or blog or any other website.
    If at any time the player abuses, harasses or speak inappropriately to a member of the VegasFiesta™ staff, including threats and verbal intimidation and / or written.
    A mismatch between the name on the casino account of the player and that written on the credit card or payment method used to make deposits on the account.
    Incorrect or false registration information.
    If the player plays from a territory or region which is not fully licensed for online gaming.
    If the player is not of legal age according to the Terms and Conditions of VegasFiesta™ casino.
    If the player has allowed or permitted (intentionally or unintentionally) another player to play for his own VegasFiesta™ account.
    If an individual has not played in the Casino for pure entertainment purpose and has only participated in a professional capacity or in association with another player from another club or group or part of it above.
    If the player is accused of having deliberately made a “chargeback” or a “contestation” of funds deposited from their credit card, or any other payment method on their Casino account; or accused of a “chargeback” or threatened to do so on another platform Rival casino or any other online casino or website. This includes verbal and written threats to challenge, chargeback or cancelling of a transaction.
    If the player is found cheating or accused of irregular or suspicious or irregular bets and strategies or if the player has instigated a system (such as the Martingale, operating machinery, computers, software or any other form of automation) or is accused of proliferating methods designed to cheat the casino into losing revenue from this operation.
    If the player is connected to any employee, former employee, company, or third party organisation currently connected to the casino or in the past.
    If the player has committed any hacking attempt on the casino software or website, or made changes in any way expressly authorized by the VegasFiesta™ casino. VegasFiesta™ casino reserves the exclusive and irrevocable right to cancel and block any player suspected of using methods such as martingale fraudulently to increase his chances of winning  at the expense of the casino. This decision is without recourse and will result in the blocking of the player account and the loss of all credit and deposit in favor of the player suspected of fraudulent activity.
    a) If the casino VegasFiesta™ were to be made aware that one of the conditions mentioned above was violated by a player from a third party casino, the casino VegasFiesta™ reserves the right to act accordingly.
    b) In the acceptance of those decisions and other conditions described here, the player accepts all promotional or advertising events when accepting any prize and / or winnings placed on the VegasFiesta™ casino and thus endorses the use by the casino of the player pseudo, country or first name without any compensation or payment to the player. Example: If a player wins a big jackpot and if the casino wishes to announce the win, the casino reserves the right to use and post the user name, the country of the player and / or real name on the casino site, magazine, blog, another site or other media support chosen by the casino.
    c) No person under the age of twenty-five years or the legal age giving the right to practice the activities included in these services, in accordance with the laws of any jurisdiction in force, the highest prevailing age, has the right to download the software or use the services under any circumstances and any person under the legal age, which would download the software or uses the services would violate the terms of this user agreement. The casino VegasFiesta™ reserves the right to demand proof of age of the customer, at any time, to ensure that persons below the legal age do not use his services. The casino VegasFiesta™ terminate your account and / or exclude you from using the software or services if you do not provide proof of age or if the Company suspects that you are not of legal age. VegasFiesta™ The casino reserves the right to keep the funds in your account until age verification the player.
    d) VegasFiesta™ Casino hereby grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non “Licensed sold” right to install and use the software and all content derived from the Software, including, without limitation, Copyright and all rights to intellectual property it contains, related services and in accordance with these terms and conditions. The player can install the software on a hard disk or other storage device and make backup copies, provided it is the only user of these copies and are used in connection with services, through a computer which he is the primary user. The code, structure and organization of the software is protected by intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to: copy, redistribute, publish, reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, or attempt to access the source code to create derivative works of the source code, or; sell, assign, grant a sublicense, transfer, distribute or lease the software; software grant access to any third party through a computer network or, export the Software to any country (on a medium physical or electronic); or use the software in a manner prohibited by applicable laws or regulations. (Called the “Prohibited Activities”). The player will be solely responsible for any damages, costs and expenses arising in, or which is related to the fact of perpetrating prohibited activities. The player will promptly inform the casino when he suspects a prohibited activity. You must provide the casino with reasonable assistance in inquiries that could be performed through the information that have been reported by you.
    e) One of the main concerns of online gaming operations is to guarantee fair play. To ensure the integrity of our games, a secure random number generator, is used to determine the outcome of games. Whether it’s a roll of the dice, hand of cards or a spin, a program is used each activation to ensure compliance with those standards. The system is tested systematically. VegasFiesta™ offers a wide range of games, mostly developed by third-party companies, allowing us to offer a selection of experiences. A number of procedures are implemented to ensure that games conform to standards. Games providers use their own tests, including the test of the random generator RNG numbers. VegasFiesta™ players can access a history of their results in the games via customer support. This information may be consulted at any time and includes amounts wagered, game results, and collection. The company uses the services of independent auditors of international reputation, to assess the Casino payouts. Evaluation is made on a regular basis and includes the payout of each game and the total payout.
    f) The casino reserves the right to modify and adjust the balance on the account of a user due to the casino.
    g) The user agrees to pay all amounts due VegasFiesta™ casino and never try to reassign, refuse, revoke, challenge, charge back, block, hold or cancel any of these payments.
    h) If the user has filed or withdrawn funds using an e-wallet such as Moneybookers, Neteller or EcoCard, the casino can ask for copies of other transactions showing that online portfolios are in use.
    i) Any illegal or criminal activity committed by the player will result in immediate termination of the casino account.
    j) The casino reserves the right to modify any of its services at any time, including a temporary unavailability of customer support, technical support and other services offered to the player.
    k) In case of technical failure or computer problem, all game bets may be considered null and void. The casino cannot be held responsible for losses, victories or other problems caused by technical failure or breakdown in any manner whatsoever.
    l) If a player fails to connect to his casino account for a period of 90 days or more or if the player logs without making a single bet or wager over a period of 90 days or more, the casino will be entitled to any balance on the account of that player. If the player wishes to withdraw this amount after this period, the casino will review each situation on a case-by-case basis but reserves the right to invoke the rule of three months above.

  • Terms of Promotions & Bonuses

    a. No free bonus and deposit bonus can be withdrawn from the casino. They are intended to extend the game time only. Upon withdrawal, the casino before the effectuation and sending of the withdrawal will deduct bonus amounts.
    b. All bonus money must be removed at the time of encashment, bonus money is money that can be used to help generate earnings, but cannot be removed as part of the gains. The bonus will be considered “non-removable” and will not be reissued in your account but instead deducted from the gains by the account manager during the withdrawal payment process. The money Cashback is also “not removable” and the casino reserves the right to deduct the cashback / withdrawal awaiting the player.
    c. The bonuses, unless specifically indicated by the Casino beforehand, are constrained by a requirement set to be filled before a player can withdraw.
    d. All cashback promotions are constrained by a wagering requirement of at least once the cashback amount. Players cannot withdraw a bonus cashback until the cashback amount is wagered in full. Cashback have a maximum shrinkage of up to 10 times the amount of the cashback amount credited. This includes rewarded cashback as “gifts”, the “Comp Points” or “free chips.” The Casino reserves the right to deduct the cashback withdrawal pending.
    e. All cashback earned from a tournament prize, raffle or a Special Promotion have a maximum withdrawal limit of 5 times the amount of cashback and are constrained by a wagering requirement of once. All bonus of 200% or more, cashback insurance of 75% or more will be considered as special promotions. The Casino reserves the right to deduct the amount of cashback withdrawal pending. Players with a pending withdrawal or whose balance is more than $ 100 / € / £ / are not eligible for prizes in a tournament or to receive money from a raffle of any current promotion Cashback or any other special promotion offered by the casino team.
    f. Special Bonus – all 200% bonus or more, any cashback bonus of 100% or more will be considered as special bonus and will be limited to a maximum of 3 times withdrawal of the deposit amount.
    g. It is the player’s responsibility to know the details of the request or bonus that is given to him, including the requirement of bets, restricted games and other details, conditions and requirements associated with the said bonus.
    h. The players choosing to play without bonus, must indicate before starting to play. If a player does not want the bonus that was filed on his behalf by the casino, he will be entitled to request a representative of the customer support of the casino to remove the bonus from his casino account via email, phone call or chat live. If a bonus is received and a bet is made (any amount), then the bonus must be played in its entirety until the balance is zero or if the betting requirement is complete. If the player does not start playing, the support can then delete the said bonus.
    i. The free bonuses (comps Points, free chips) are playable bonus awarded to a player so he can play for free. The free bonuses have different demands made of other bonuses, and have a fixed withdrawal limit of no more than 100 credits ($ 100, €, £, or 1 000 ZAR AUD). Any balance or extra is considered “non-removable” and will be removed from the balance of the player. Each player is allowed to withdraw any wins a free bonus only once during his / her life game unless specifically approved by the Director of the casino.
    j. A player who has never made a deposit and wish to withdraw after a gain of a free bonus, must first make a minimum deposit of 25.00 ($, €, £, AUD) 250 or ZAR. This initial deposit is not allowed to be removed or added to an existing pending withdrawal. If added to an existing collection, the amount will be deducted from the total withdrawal amount. A player who has already made a deposit and now wanting to remove a gain from a free bonus, must first be deposited in the last 30 days for withdrawal is approved and the deposit can not be added to an existing recessed expectation. If added to a pending withdrawal, the amount will be deducted from the total amount withdrawn. The free bonus (free chips) have a wagering requirement of 20X to 60X, unless otherwise stated.
    k. All promotions offered by the casino are only valid during the period indicated on the promotional offer itself posted on the Casino website and / or any other disclosure provided by the Casino itself.

  • Terms & Conditions – Withdrawals

    i. The funds considered “non-removable” are deleted from the balance of the player. The deposit bonus used during a game session and resulting in a withdrawal request, are “not removable” and may be deducted from the pending withdrawal.
    ii. Players can submit their withdrawal request at any time. The approval time can take seven to eighteen (7-18) business days from the date of authorization corresponding to when the process was completed successfully. Treating a pending withdrawal requires authorization from the fraud department.
    iii. No bonuses activated by the player can be removed from the Casino or exchanged, and will be canceled during the withdrawal procedure.
    iv. All withdrawals (Wire, Neteller, Direct-to-Card, etc.) are subject to a transfer fee ranging from 10 to $ 40, €, £. Fees are based according to location and are determined by our payment processor and are born by the player.
    v. In order for a withdrawal to be approved, the player will have to submit certain documents and information to verify his account. Non-compliance or failure to provide the documents and information required within 30 days after a withdrawal request will result in the cancellation of the ongoing withdrawal process. It is the player’s responsibility to send the required documentation. The approval of such withdrawal depends on all the conditions described and the verification of all required documents.
    vi. A player cannot withdraw winnings so long as the wagering minimum requirement are not met. It must fulfill the wagering requirements before you can make a withdrawal request, the risk being the rejection of the withdrawal request .
    vii. The casino reserves the right to refuse or withhold a bonus or winnings in the event a deposit is canceled, returned or rejected by a payment service or a processor at any time.
    viii. If the player wagered on restricted games with a bonus not authorised one of those games, the Casino reserves the right to cancel any withdrawal and forfeit any winnings. Before you start playing with a deposit bonus or free bonus, it is the player’s responsibility to check and understand what are the restrictions of the said bonus.
    ix. Unless otherwise stated, and although there are no upper limits to cashable gains, the casino draws a maximum withdrawal limit based on the VIP level of the players. For withdrawals above the monthly threshold, payments are made in installments until the entire amount is paid. This threshold does not apply to progressive jackpot. Players are allowed to withdraw up to 250 Euros per request. If the amount the player wishes to withdraw is greater than 250, the remainder is left on the account. Once the first withdrawal approved, a player may submit a new application for withdrawal of the money remaining on his account. A player has the right to cancel the withdrawal request at any time while it is still ongoing. This rule also applies to withdrawals of progressive jackpots.
    x. The minimum amount for a withdrawal is 100 € / $ / £ / AUD or 1 000 ZAR
    xi. All deposits must be wagered at least once (1X) the deposit amount to qualify for a withdrawal. A withdrawal can only be approved if the deposit has been bet at least 1 time beforehand. Deposits made through promotions are subject to the Terms and Conditions of this specific promotion and the corresponding minimum wagering requirement.

  • Confidentiality agreement

    a. The VegasFiesta™ casino is required to keep all personal information given by the player safely and securely. All details submitted by the player at any time at the Casino are confidential and will not be handed over to any third party or agency.
    b. It is the player’s responsibility only to ensure the safety of all the usernames and passwords associated with their casino account. The Casino will bear no responsibility for any use of account information sent by a person not being the player originally registered.
    c. The casino VegasFiesta™ reserves the right to use the name of the player as part of promotional events (eg the publication of a big win by the player), without any compensation or payment to the said player and will not be required to seek prior approval by the player.
    d. The terms and conditions set forth in this document define a final and exclusive agreement between you (the player) and the Casino and complete all previous agreements, statements and understandings between the player and the VegasFiesta™ casino in connection with its participation in the Casino.
    e. The Casino reserves the right to refuse a deposit or withdraw credits or bonus at our discretion. The Casino reserves the right to withdraw or modify the terms of this program at any time without notice.
    f. This offer is not applicable for employees, partners, suppliers or any other related party to the Company and / or professional relationship of the VegasFiesta™ casino.

    Intellectual property
    Via this contract, the casino VegasFiesta™ grants the user a non-transferable, revocable, non-exclusive use of its website, its software and / or services and any related services. This right extends to all royalties and intellectual property rights being attached to it.
    The user acknowledges and agrees that the copyright, trademark and all other intellectual property rights exercised on all materials and / or content provided and belonging to the Website and / or the casino software remains our strict property. The user can use the material mentioned above in accordance with these terms and conditions.
    The VegasFiesta™ casino is the trade name of the Casino, and the player has no right to use or employ such a term or any other terms, graphics, text, concepts or methodologies.
    The user acknowledges and agrees that the material and content contained on the Casino Site are made available to non-commercial titles only. These materials and content must be downloaded to the hard drive of a computer in order to serve this objective. If one of the Casino games are interfered with, forged or damaged they become void and then unusable, regardless of how they are obtained whether physically or electronically. The material responsibility of casino games, including errors, is only limited to a replacement of the said material.
    Any other use, such as copying, forgery, duplication, publication, transmission and distribution of derivative works of such material and such content is strictly prohibited.
    Possible criminal or suspicious actions may be transmitted to the competent authorities. If the scenario occurs, the player will have to provide certain verification documents during transactions made on the casino – withdrawals or deposits. The identification documents required for such a case are a clear photo identification, proof of address (maximum three months old), copies recto-verso of credit cards used on the casino and purchase declaration forms. This requirement is necessary for the safety of our players and complies with the rules governed by gaming regulations.
    This contract is considered duly signed and accepted by both parties: the Casino and the user.
    The stipulated terms and conditions imply full understanding of the its contents, and final exclusively agreement between you (the player) and the VegasFiesta™ casino and complete all previous agreements, statements and understandings between you and the casino VegasFiesta™ in connection with your participation at the Casino.


  • Limitations of Liability

    a. You acknowledge that you are free to choose whether or not to use the Services and you do it on your own, at your sole discretion and at your own risk.
    b. The Company is not responsible vis-à-vis you or any third party in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, for any loss or for any damages whatsoever that would be caused by you or relating in any way to you or a third party, with the use of the software or services, either directly or indirectly, including but not limited to damages caused by a commercial loss , loss of profits (including loss or non perception of anticipated savings), interruption of business, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary or consequential loss (even if we have been advised by you in advance of the possibility of such loss or such damage).
    c. The company is not liable in contract, wrong or otherwise, for any loss or for any damages whatsoever that would result or that would in any way whatsoever related to your use of the Site of any link which is placed on the Sites. The Company is not responsible for the content of sites placed on our sites as links or accessible via the services.
    d. You acknowledge that the casino is not liable to you or any third party in respect of modifications, suspensions or interruptions of the software or services.
    e. Nothing that is in this User Agreement may be used to hold the Company liable for death or personal injury, which would be due to the negligence of the casino.
    f. You acknowledge that, in the event that the software or service no longer functions properly due to, without limitation, any delay or interruption or transmission, loss or corruption of data or malfunctioning of lines of communication or any malicious use of the Site or its contents on the part of a person, or any errors or omissions in the content, or any other factor beyond our control.
    g. The casino will not be held liable for losses, including loss of winnings, that may result; and
    h. If such errors result in higher earnings due or paid, you will not benefit from the gains from such an increase. You must immediately inform the casino of the error and you have to pay the company the money collected on your account due to error (as will be required by the casino) or the casino may, in its sole discretion, deduct from your account an amount equal to the earnings you have received or deduct that amount from any amount that the company owes you.

  • Non-compliance with these terms and conditions

    You agree to fully indemnify, defend and, upon request, exonerate us of any wrongdoings, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees and any other charges whatsoever, regardless of the way they have been caused, which result from the following:
    a. any breach by you of User Agreement;
    b. breach by you of any laws or third party rights;
    c. Your use of the Services or Software or use by any other person accessing services or software with your identification data; with or without your permission; or acceptance of any winnings.

    In addition to any remedy available, if you were to violate any of the terms of this Agreement, or if we have an acceptable reason to suspect that you have violated the terms of this user agreement, in addition to any other remedies available society, your winnings may be forfeited at the sole discretion of the casino VegasFiesta™ and the casino will retain any credit that would be placed on your account against any damage, or any other money you will owe society and pending investigation and / or the outcome of any legal proceedings. Any breach of this User Agreement may also result in disqualification by closing your account and / or legal action being taken against you.

    You agree and consent that the Random Number Generator (RNG: Random Number Generator) determine the randomly generated events and related services and, in the case where the result shown on the software conflicts with the result shown on our server, the result shown on our server shall be considered determinant. You understand and agree that (without prejudice to your other rights and solutions) the company’s records have final authority as to determine the terms of use of the service and you can not claim any right to challenge the company’s decision to subject.
    No complaints or any dispute will be considered beyond 7 working days from the date of the original transaction. You hereby agree to submit claims or disputes with the customer service or via email for assistance and provide the casino with all relevant information and evidence required for the company investigate your complaint or dispute.
    The team of the casino’s support will consider your complaint and you will announce its decision within 14 business days after sending the claim or dispute.
    If you do not accept the decision of the company, you must contact our assistance to appeal the decision of the company and the company shall promptly provide all relevant evidence relating to the call.
    The manager will re-review your claim or dispute and will announce the final decision of the company within 14 working days following assistance.

  • Term and Termination

    This User Agreement will be effective immediately after the end of your registration process with the casino and shall remain in force until terminated in accordance with these provisions.
    We have the right to terminate this User Agreement and your account (including your username and password) immediately without notice:
    a) if, for whatever the reason, we decide to stop providing the services in general or specifically to you;
    b) if we believe you have violated one of the conditions of user agreement;
    c) if your use of the Service is in any way whatsoever, improper or violates the spirit of the user agreement; or
    d) if your account is associated in any manner whatsoever to an existing account which was terminated following a violation of the user agreement. If your account is associated or linked to existing blocked accounts, we may terminate your account, regardless of the nature of this relationship and the registration details provided on these accounts.
    e) For any other acceptable reason, we will act accordingly.
    Except as otherwise stated herein, on termination of this User Agreement, any remaining balance on your account will be returned upon  your request within a reasonable time frame and we always reserve the right to withhold any amount that is due to us.

    You may terminate this User Agreement and your account (including your username and password) at any time by sending an email to [email protected] Termination should be executed within 7 working days of the receipt by the casino of your email on our servers, considering that you remain responsible for any activity on your account between the time you send your email and when your account is terminated by us.
    Upon termination of this User Agreement, you will:
    vi) stop using the software and services;
    vii) pay all amounts due to the casino; and
    viii) permanently remove the software from your computer equipment and destroy all related documentation in your possession, custody, or in your power under your control.
    • The right granted to you to terminate this contract by this clause shall in no case be prejudicial to any other right or commitment of any of the parties vis-à-vis violations considered (if applicable) or any other violation.
    • Upon termination of this User Agreement for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise stated, would be provided in this User Agreement, and subject to the rights and obligations accepted prior to termination, neither party shall have no further obligation towards the other in accordance with this User Agreement.
    • In the event of termination of this User Agreement from us due to your breach of the latter, the company shall have no obligation to refund any amounts that may be in your account and you can claim any claim against the company about it.
    If you have chosen to self-exclude from our platform, we will close all accounts identified as belonging to you in accordance with our responsible gaming policy. However, if you choose to opt for a period of temporary freeze on your account, it is your responsibility to adhere to this restriction for the duration of the defined period.
    If you have ever had gambling addiction problems, financial difficulties or other problems of this type explained in our responsible gaming procedures, it will be your responsibility to refrain from opening new accounts as long as these problems remain. For example, if your account has been frozen because of an addiction to gambling with another brand, it will be your responsibility to refrain from opening new accounts in one of the brands managed by the casino. If you ignore, we will close all accounts when they are detected. We are not obligated to refund any deposit or any funds available in the account you opened as a problem of this type continues.

    If one (or several parts) of this User Agreement are suspected illicit, canceled or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severed from the other parts of this User Agreement and shall not affect the validity or the execution of any other remaining provisions of this user agreement. In such cases, the alleged part invalid or unenforceable shall be construed in a manner consistent and in accordance with applicable law and to reflect the original intent of the parties.
    No waiver by us of one or more terms of this User Agreement shall be construed as a waiver to one or more previous or subsequent violations of one or more terms of this user agreement.
    Unless clearly stated otherwise, nothing in this User Agreement may create or confer any rights or any other benefits to third parties.
    Nothing in this present user contract may be considered as creating an agency, partnership, a trust arrangement, fiduciary relationship or any other form of joint venture between you and us.
    The terms and conditions contain the entire agreement between you and the casino and relating to your use of the Software and Services and supersede any other contract between the casino and yourself on the same subject. By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge that you have not relied on any representation in so far as it is already a condition of the contract.
    The casino reserves the right to transfer, assign, sub-assign or pledge this user agreement, in whole or in part without your consent: (i) to any entity of the same group of companies the casino, or (ii) in case of merger, sale of assets or other similar corporate transaction in which the casino may be involved. You may not transfer, assign, transfer or pledge in any manner whatsoever, any or all of your rights or obligations under this User Agreement.
    You do not have the right to transfer, assign, sub-assign, or pledge this Agreement, in any manner whatsoever, any rights nor obligations granted to you under this contract user.
    The casino, subject to applicable laws and regulations, may subcontract some or all of the services it provides in accordance with user agreement related to third parties.
    In this user agreement, the terms “you” or “your” or “Player” or “User” refers to any person who uses the services or software in accordance with this User Agreement. Unless otherwise stated, the terms “we” or “our” refer to the casino and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and subcontractors.
    Nothing in this User Agreement shall be considered as possibly granting you a right on the capital of the company, including as regards as the non-payment of amounts credited to your account.